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School and preschool open days and principal tours

Upcoming events are listed under the month they are available. To view further details of the event, click on the school or preschool name.

If a school isn't listed

If your local school or preschool is not on the list please contact the school or preschool directly to find out what events are coming up.

Promoting your school's open days

Schools and preschools can add open days and principal's tours to this list by completing the school and preschool open day form.

Search for open days

Eden Hills Primary School 5/2021,8/2021,10/2021
Ridgehaven Primary School 3/2021,6/2021,9/2021
Plympton International College 4/2021,5/2021,6/2021,8/2021,9/2021,11/2021
Gulfview Heights Primary School 5/2021,8/2021,11/2021
Norwood Morialta High School 5/2021,6/2021,9/2021,11/2021
Aberfoyle Park High School 9/2021,10/2021,11/2021
Underdale High School 5/2021,6/2021,8/2021,9/2021,10/2021,11/2021
Stradbroke School 6/2021,11/2021
Golden Grove High School 5/2021,6/2021,7/2021,8/2021,9/2021
Marden Senior College 6/2021,8/2021,9/2021
Northern Adelaide Senior College 7/2021,8/2021,9/2021,10/2021,11/2021