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Help to make a complaint

The Department for Education is committed to having a complaint management process that is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

This page has information you can use if you need help to make a complaint.

Translated information

We have translated information about how to make a complaint into 18 languages.

See translations of raising a complaint with the department fact sheet.

Support from the department

Children with disability and special needs

See support for children with disability and special needs or phone 8226 1769.

Aboriginal children and young people

You can get support from an Aboriginal support staff worker at your local education office or school.

Search for your local partnership by looking up your school or preschool, then go to contact details.

If you need more support:

Young people (under 18)

Students under 18 can make a complaint to the Customer Feedback Team. However, we encourage you to talk with your school first.

If you have questions call 8226 1000 or email: education.customers [at] sa.gov.au.

You can also get support from your local education office.

General support

Other external support services are: