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Departmental policies

A number of the department’s policies can be accessed on this page.

The policies listed on this page may contain links that are for internal use only. If you need more information, you can contact your school or the business unit listed for advice.

If you're unable to find a particular policy using this search, contact Operational Policy.

Department staff searching for policies should use the departmental policies A to Z on the intranet (login required).

  • This policy outlines authorisation requirements for preschools. It also advises what to do if parents or guardians submit incomplete authorisations. This is to avoid situations that could lead to a refusal to enact authorisations.

  • The adult education enrolment policy provides an opportunity for people 21 years and over to complete their secondary education, who have not previously done so.

  • This document is a practical direction for all staff working in education and care to plan and manage for children and young people with anaphylaxis and severe allergies.

  • The purpose of this procedure is to assist officers, site managers and workers to manage the risks associated with the presence and removal of asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM) in acc

  • This is the department's attendance policy for all government schools.

  • This document is an introductory guide to the autism spectrum for Department for Education staff. It is designed to enable staff to gain an insight into the implications for teaching and learning of the autism spectrum as well as describe the frameworks for getting to know and understand an individual child or children and young people’s autism and develop strengths based support strategies.

  • This document describes our behaviour support policy for departmental education, early childhood and care settings. The policy outlines how departmental staff will support safe and positive behaviour for children and young people in these settings.

  • This policy provides a framework for site leaders to plan and undertake camps and excursions that allow all children and young people to move safely and effectively beyond the site setting to parti

  • This procedure complements the camps and excursions policy (PDF 840KB) and should be read in partnership with that policy.


Operational Policy

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