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Digital Strategy 2023 to 2026

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As part of our plan to build world-leading education in South Australia, we've created the Digital Strategy 2023 to 2026.

The digital strategy outlines:

  • how we can use digital technology to empower schools and preschools to deliver world-leading education
  • how we can help children and students to thrive in a digital world.

The digital strategy focuses on 5 key areas to help enable learning and growth for every child, in every class, in every school and preschool.

We are going to:

  • strengthen our digital foundations
  • build our capability
  • maximise the benefits of digital technologies for teaching and learning
  • streamline and modernise our operations
  • mobilise ICT support where it is needed.

The strategy is a roadmap to improve our approach to digital across the education system, and to prepare our students for the future.

Visit the Digital Strategy 2023 to 2026.

Consultation process

The strategy was designed for and by:

  • school leaders
  • teachers
  • educators
  • students
  • parents and carers
  • our corporate staff.

Over 2000 staff, parents and community members took part in the consultation process. This involved workshops, a state-wide survey, case studies, and interviews and discussions.

From the consultation, key themes emerged which informed the new digital strategy. These key themes were:

  • ensuring we have the right digital foundations
  • building strategic, leadership and people capability
  • digital adoption, integration and innovation for teaching and learning
  • appropriate ICT support in schools
  • workplace modernisation for business operations
  • data and platforms.

Digital strategy

Email: education.digitalstrategy [at] sa.gov.au