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Stakeholder engagement – our framework

We cannot achieve world class education alone – we need to consider and account for diverse perspectives on education issues in South Australia.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is outlined in the Stakeholder Engagement Framework (PDF 150KB). This includes the importance we place on engagement, and how we engage to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Who our stakeholders are

Our stakeholders include:

  • children and young people and their families and carers
  • staff and alumni
  • governing councils
  • education services, including early childhood and higher education
  • NGOs and community groups and philanthropists
  • non-government schools
  • statutory, regulatory and advisory bodies
  • businesses and professional industry associations.

Why we engage

Stakeholder engagement gives us a diverse perspective and helps us better understand issues and opportunities. Through engagement, we can deliver the best possible policy, programs and services that work for those who need them.

Our approach

  • Consider all stages of decision making and align to strategy.
  • Make sure our purpose in engaging is clear and specific.
  • Invest in knowing our stakeholders and their interests and needs.
  • Apply clear planning and great execution.
  • Structure engagement effectively, including expert advisory panels and reference groups.

Our approach is supported by:

  • Reconciliation and inclusion – we consider culture, language, diversity, accessibility, opportunity, timing, communication barriers, age and learning styles.
  • Quality standards – align to the Better Together framework and the International Association for Public Participation.
  • Investment in our people and our systems – we apply continuous improvement by evaluating our strengths and areas for improvement.

How stakeholders get involved

Engagement opportunities will depend on the approach taken for each policy, project or initiative.

Some of the ways you can engage as a stakeholder might include through:

External Relations

Phone: 8226 0042
Email: education.ExternalRelations [at] sa.gov.au