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Parent engagement – hear what parents, students and teachers think

In these short videos, parents, teachers and students explain what parent engagement means to them.


Video transcript

Speaker 1: It inspires me to understand what he's learning in class, how he's going in class.

Speaker 2: Parent engagement is a great way of keeping up to date with what our children are doing. I do prefer voice to voice, face to face kind of thing.

Speaker 1: The app that we utilize gives me notifications daily. The engagement is with the student and the teacher, parent and the student, parent and the teacher, so it is valuable to all three of us.

Speaker 2: The engagement, I think it has given them that push and that drive.

Speaker 1: It gives them that sense of personal pride, and that's really important to kids.

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Video transcript

Female Speaker 1: Then I’ll show you something I'm really proud of I've already done this year.

Female Speaker 2: We cover our learning, what our goals are.

Female Speaker 3: Student agencies, student voice. You can talk about that to parents, but they don’t really get it until they see their children sharing their learning.

Female Speaker 4: They post pictures and videos of our learning. Parents and teachers and other classmates can give us feedback.

Male Speaker 5: Parents do like what I’m focusing on most and what I’m doing for the future.

Female Speaker 6: See how your children are, going and probably improve their report score.

Female Speaker 7: Checking really know the material.

Female Speaker 8: So then I can improve my work.

Male Speaker 5: If we work together, it does make me feel better.

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Video transcript

Speaker 1: Engaging with parents makes my job a lot easier. It gives me more information about the kids so that I can better teach them. Talking to parents about what they're doing in their life, then I can hook that into what I'm doing in the classroom. The parents know me and we have this mutual respect for each other where we know what's going to happen. When they know everyone's invested in their success, they push harder for their own success.


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