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Job opportunities for pre-service teachers and graduates

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If you’re in your final year of study or have recently graduated, find out how to apply for teaching jobs or get started with relief teaching. We’re here to help you through the process.

You can also apply for other opportunities in schools and preschools if you’re earlier in your studies. See work opportunities for students studying teaching or education support (pre-service teachers).

RecruitED – teaching expo July 2023

RecruitEd Teaching Expo: Saturday 8 July 2023, 9am to 4pm at Orbis, 4 Milner Street in Hindmarsh. Department for Education logo.

RecruitED is the Department for Education’s career expo for pre-service teachers. Join us in-person at Orbis, 4 Milner Street Hindmarsh, 9am-4pm, Saturday 8 July.

Secure your ticket by Friday 30 June 2023.

Explore jobs, career pathways and what your first year of teaching could look like in public education.

You can:

  • hear from the department’s Chief Executive, Professor Martin Westwell
  • be inspired by public education teacher Mr Luke 
  • get ready to apply for jobs
  • learn about Aboriginal workforce initiatives
  • understand wellbeing support
  • find out about scholarships and professional learning
  • network and meet other future teachers.

Apply for a teaching job

The recruitment process is different depending on what type of job you're applying for – ongoing (permanent), temporary (contract) or temporary relief teaching.

To apply for a teaching job you need to:

  • register on the employable teacher register (ETR)
  • build your applicant profile – for ongoing jobs only
  • apply for advertised teaching jobs on Edujobs.

Employable teacher register

The employable teacher register (ETR) is for teachers wanting ongoing, contract or temporary relief teaching work.

Register as an ‘employable teacher’ so school and preschool leaders can see you are available for work and can contact you about a teaching job.

You'll need to upload documents to the ETR that show you meet the employment requirements for teachers in South Australia.

Employable teacher register (ETR)

Apply for relief teaching

You can apply for relief teaching work after you graduate at any time during the year, as schools and preschools are always looking for support.

Temporary relief teacher (TRT) jobs aren’t advertised, so to get started, you must register on the employable teacher register. You don’t need to complete an applicant profile to be a TRT.

Once you’re registered on the ETR, you can also find relief teaching by visiting schools and preschools directly and providing your details, including your:

You can also connect with sites through relief teaching apps such as ClassCover.

The applicant profile

For ongoing teaching jobs you need to attach an applicant profile to each job you apply for. Contract and temporary relief teaching jobs don’t usually require a profile.

The applicant profile is your opportunity to share your teaching practice, experience and tell us about yourself.

The applicant profile is open when ongoing jobs are available, usually in term 3. Keep an eye on our website for the next round of jobs.

Start your applicant profile

Search jobs on Edujobs

Edujobs is where you can view and apply for all advertised teacher vacancies across the department.

With about 900 schools and preschools state-wide, it’s a great place to look for your first job. You’ll see in the job title if a position is ongoing or temporary (a contract role).

Apply for jobs on Edujobs

Register for updates

Let us know if you’re interested in information about jobs, events, webinars and tips for starting your career.

Register your details for pre-service teacher updates.

Email: Education.Pre-serviceteachers@sa.gov.au

Phone: 8226 2096