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Annual reports from the department

The department produces an annual report for the South Australian parliament containing information about our activities and outcomes for the calendar year.

2016 report

Highlights of the 2016 annual report

STEM learning strategy released and STEM Works funding announced

The STEM Learning Strategy for Preschool to Year 12, 2017 to 2020 was announced in November 2016 and aims to improve student outcomes in science and mathematics. This supports the government’s $250 million STEM Works 2016-17 state budget package to refurbish and upgrade STEM facilities (science, technology, engineering and maths) at 139 public schools across the state.

Teaching for Impact: A strategy to support teacher development 2016 to 2018 released

This important strategy articulates the department’s commitment to attract, retain, develop and recognise public education teachers. Released in September 2016, Teaching for Impact applies to all teachers and preschool and school leaders as a career development tool.

Leadership strategy 2016 to 2018 released

Released in March 2016, this strategy provides a formal plan for leadership development, incorporating a Leadership Charter and a Leadership Capability framework.

Premier’s Reading Challenge and Premier’s be active Challenge

In 2016, the thirteenth year of the department's Premier’s Reading Challenge, 131,123 students took part from 97% of all schools in the state. The Premier’s be active Challenge, which began in 2007, now has more than 32,000 participants from over 220 South Australian schools.

Child and Family Heath Service

During 2016 CaFHS began reviewing its service delivery framework to enhance services for South Australian families. In addition 18,412 babies were provided with a ‘universal contact’ visit (88.22% of all births), 1461 families were actively involved in the Family Home Visiting program during 2016, 17,986 babies were screened for hearing problems, and almost 200,000 Parent Easy Guides were distributed through Parenting SA, in addition to parenting seminars attracting 547 parents and nearly 3500 online views.

NAPLAN and SACE results

South Australia’s 2016 NAPLAN results showed positive signs of improvement and that the state is on a general upward trajectory compared with the nation as a whole. A record 15,003 South Australian students completed the SACE in 2016. A record was also set for Aboriginal students in government schools successfully completed their SACE, with 227 succeeding in 2016.

Delivering Digital 2016 to 2020 released

In April 2016 the department’s ICT master plan was released, outlining strategic priorities for digital communications technology over the next 5 years.

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