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Health care plans for individual care – information for health professionals

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Health care plans, management plans, action plans, first aid plans and medication agreements are completed by treating health professionals to describe individual care recommendations.  

As the plans are regularly reviewed and updated the Department for Education recommends health professionals always access from this page to ensure the most current version is being used.

Medication agreements

Medication agreements (previously medication authority) are required for medicines requiring administration in education and care services. This includes all prescribed and over the counter medicines.

Individual first aid plan

The individual first aid plan – HSP124 (DOC 129KB) is required for children and young people when the first aid response is not the standard first aid response for that health condition. 

Non-specific health care plan

The non-specific health care plan – HSP110 (DOC 167KB) is completed for children and young people requiring additional care or supervision related to their physical or mental health and wellbeing where there is not a specific health care plan.

Specific health care, management and action plans

Anaphylaxis and severe allergies




Cystic fibrosis


Primary and secondary school setting

Early childhood (EC) setting

Oral eating and drinking

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Seizures and epilepsy

Spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Transfer and positioning

Disability advice and research

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