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RRHAN-EC mandatory notification training – list of courses

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To work or volunteer in education you need to do mandatory notification training.

The training is called Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care.

We call it RRHAN-EC for short. It used to be called RAN training, or RAN-EC.

The training includes information about child protection in education.

Two types of courses

There are 2 approved courses for RHHAN-EC: fundamentals and masterclass.

Fundamentals course Masterclass course

The course you need will depend on your role.

Find out what course you need

Fundamentals – shorter course

Many people only need to do the fundamentals course. This includes:

  • staff with a current certificate who need to update
  • volunteers
  • work experience students
  • people on professional placement
  • bus drivers
  • canteen workers
  • people bridging from full day Safe Environments – Through Their Eyes training
  • corporate staff who do not work with children and young people
  • sector office education staff (non-government schools) who do not work with children and young people.

To receive full RRHAN-EC certification, some staff must also do the masterclass.

Masterclass – extended training

Masterclass is only for specific staff who:

  • work with children and young people
  • are new
  • do not have a current RAN-EC or RRHAN-EC certificate.

This extended training is done in 2 parts:

  1. A 2 hour online fundamentals course. It covers the essentials.
  2. A 4 hour facilitator-led masterclass. This has more advanced knowledge.

Not all staff need to do the masterclass. You can use a decision-making tool to check if this is the right course for you.

If your role changes you could need more training

Remember, if your situation changes your training needs might change too.

For example, volunteers only need to do fundamentals. If a volunteer is later employed as a teacher, they need to do the masterclass as well.

Always check with your employer or potential employer if things change.

I can't find the update course

There is no longer an update course. If your certificate is expired, you will now need to do the full training.

Find out what course you need.

Why we need this training

RRHAN-EC training is how we make sure we:

  • all have the same information about mandatory notifications
  • understand our role working together to safeguard children and young people.

Statutes Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse) Act 2021

The Statutes Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse) Act 2021 came into operation on 1 June 2022. It includes 2 new offences which carry a penalty of imprisonment. The offences relate to failure to report and protect a child from sexual abuse.

The department’s RRHAN-EC training does not include information about these new offences. However, all employees, contractors and volunteers must understand your legal obligations.

For more information, read new criminal offices under Statutes Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse) Act 2021.

RRHAN-EC support and access to training

Technical support for online courses Contact your organisation’s ICT helpdesk.

Other RRHAN-EC enquiries 

Contact your organisation: