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Survey on parent engagement with schools

This survey gathers information from parents and schools across South Australia. It gives a broad picture of how parents engage with schools.

The department coordinates the survey centrally. This avoids adding administrative workload on your child’s school.

2021 survey results

More than 45,000 parents and caregivers participated in our parent survey.

Your school principal has access to school-specific results.

About the survey

Survey results will help the department to better understand:

  • what you think we’re doing well
  • where we can improve
  • what’s important to you as a parent.

Feedback is also used to inform and evaluate our Parent Engagement Strategy and other key initiatives. This will help us achieve world-class education in South Australia.

Schools may choose to present some or all of the survey results in their annual report.

All responses are confidential. Only collated feedback will be provided to your child’s school.

Feedback or support

If you have feedback about your school or an issue that you would like to discuss about your child, please contact your school directly.

To provide feedback about the parent survey, email education.parentsurvey [at] sa.gov.au

Parent engagement survey

Emaileducation.parentsurvey [at] sa.gov.au