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Keeping your RRHAN-EC current – for staff

New mandatory notification training is available now. You can do this if:

  • your certificate is expiring soon
  • you do not have a current certificate
  • you have a gap in your training history.

To work or volunteer in education you need to do mandatory notification training. This training is called RRHAN-EC. It used to be called RAN training, or RAN-EC.

Your RRHAN-EC training must be kept current.

This information is for all education staff.

How to know if your RRHAN-EC is still current

If you have done RRHAN-EC training you should have received a certificate. The expiry date is on that certificate.

How to find your certificate

If you recently did online training but can’t find your certificate, you can log in to Plink to download it. You’ll need to look for your list of completed sessions.

If your training was not done online, you can contact the training provider to ask for a copy.

If you want a copy of older certificates, you need to contact your employer. Department staff can email education.rrhanec [at] sa.gov.au.

What happens if your certificate has expired

If your RRHAN-EC expires, you need to do new training. For staff, this means both:

Some specific staff only need to do fundamentals. To check if this applies to you, find out what training you need.

Gaps in your training history – school-based staff

School-based staff must keep their training current. There must not be any gaps.

This applies to teaching and non-teaching roles. If you are in this type of role, you must complete the 4-hour masterclass when:

  • you have a gap in your training, and
  • you have not done a masterclass or foundation course since the gap.

A gap means that you did not update your training in time. Mandatory notification training has specific expiry dates. It’s run every 3 years.

To do the masterclass, you need to complete fundamentals first. Once you have completed both, your certification will be current again.

You must also do the masterclass if you let your certificate expire this year.

Staff with safe environments training

If you have completed your full day safe environments training in the last 3 years, you only need to do the fundamentals course.

You do not need to complete the masterclass course.  

RRHAN-EC support and access to training

Technical support for online courses Contact your organisation’s ICT helpdesk.

Other RRHAN-EC enquiries 

Contact your organisation: 

Feedback business unit overide: 
RRHAN-EC Team - Engagement and Wellbeing
Feedback email overide: