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Community use of school or preschool facilities

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South Australian Government schools and preschools are able to offer their premises for community use. This may include use by sporting clubs, community groups, education and training providers and not for profit groups.

How to apply

Individual schools and preschools oversee the community use of facilities at their sites.

To find out if a school or preschool has facilities available for hire, contact the school or preschool in the first instance.

If the school or preschool is willing to hire out their facilities, a community use of school facilities agreement (PDF 1 MB) will need to be completed and signed before use of the facilities can begin.

Community use of school facilities agreements can be for one-off use or for regular use (for example weekly, fortnightly, monthly) for a term of up to 12 months.


Schools and preschools may choose to set a fee for hiring out their facilities. 

Suggested hire rates for facilities commonly hired out by schools and preschools are provided in the tables below. These rates are intended as a guide only and the fees charged to hirers is at the discretion of each school or preschool.

Suggested hire rates – current as at March 2022:

Facility hire fees for not-for-profit hirers
FacilityPer hourPer hire
Demountable classroom$6.70$20.05
Small hall$16.70$50.10
Large hall$28.95$86.85
Office/meeting rooms$8.90$26.70
Toilet block$5.55$16.70
Multi-purpose courts$6.70$20.05
Playing field$11.15$33.40
Staff common room$11.15$33.40
Kitchen/home economics area$8.90$26.70
Facility hire fees for profit hirers
FacilityPer hourPer hire
Demountable classroom$11.15$33.40
Small hall$27.85$83.50
Large hall$48.45$144.70
Office/meeting rooms$15.05$44.55
Toilet block$11.15$33.40
Multi-purpose courts$11.15$33.40
Playing field$18.95$55.65
Staff common room$18.95$55.65
Kitchen/home economics area$15.05$44.55


Except in cases outlined below, hirers must have a current public liability insurance policy in place, in accordance with clause 10 of the community use of school facilities agreement (PDF 1 MB) .

The amount insured must not be less than $20m for any one claim and the site leader should request a copy of the hirer’s insurance policy.  

Exemptions from public liability insurance

The requirement for public liability insurance as detailed above can be waived for:

  • small, not-for-profit, locally organised clubs or groups with fewer than 50 members
  • once-off hirers, even though the activity may involve more than 50 participants/members (for example a birthday party).

However, the above waiver will not apply if a hirer, through its affiliation with a parent body or association, can secure public liability insurance through the umbrella organisation’s insurance scheme.

While public liability insurance may not be required for one-off events and small not-for-profit or exempted organisations, the legal and financial liability remains with these groups, who should be encouraged to consider their individual circumstances and insurance requirements.

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