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Early Learning Strategy

We’re developing an Early Learning Strategy to support every child's learning and development in the first 5 years of life.

Feedback on the strategy

Feedback and comments on the strategy have been provided through:

  • YourSAy community engagement including a survey and discussion board
  • ongoing consultation with a range of stakeholders, associations and government and non-government agencies.

We received feedback on:

  • preschool programs to support children’s learning and development before school
  • monitoring developmental milestones to ensure children are ‘on track’ as they start school
  • support for parents to help their child’s learning at and development.

Feedback is shaping the key themes and future directions of the Early Learning Strategy development, as reflected in the public consultation report (PDF 813KB).

Next steps

The department is refining potential key policy responses and initiatives for inclusion in the Early Learning Strategy.

During the implementation stage there will be opportunities for further engagement and consultation.

Vision and goals

The strategy forms part of the department’s broader reform to achieve world-class education in South Australia by 2028.


The draft vision for the Early Learning Strategy is: all young children thriving and learning.


The strategy’s goals are:

  • Strong partnerships across government and non-governments sectors to increase the proportion of children developmentally on track, regardless of background or location with additional specific support for Aboriginal children and children in complex situations.
  • High-quality educational preschool programs supported by excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Well supported parents highly engaged with their children enabling them to learn and reach their potential.

The Early Learning Strategy aligns with the Child Development Council’s first annual report, South Australia’s outcomes framework for children and young people: how are they faring? – South Australia’s 2020 report card for children and young people.


Early Learning Strategy Team

Email: Education.ELS [at] sa.gov.au