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RRHAN-EC training requirements for external groups and individuals

Education sites have child protection requirements for some of the groups, individuals and organisations that they work with.

This applies to anyone that provides a direct support or service to children and young people. Some examples include:

  • sporting or recreation clubs
  • cultural groups
  • breakfast clubs.

Your staff and volunteers must have child protection training.

This does not include people that run a one-off session where they are directly supervised by education staff.

Finding the most appropriate training

In South Australia, most people do Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect –Education and Care.

There is a fundamentals course for your organisation’s:

  • volunteers
  • bus drivers
  • canteen workers.

All other individuals working with children and young people must also complete the RRHAN-EC masterclass.

You can check which training is right for your staff and volunteers.

Evidence of your training

Leaders on education sites must check that this training has been done. Expect to be asked for evidence of the training.

RRHAN-EC for your volunteers

Volunteers who work with children (under 18 years) are mandated notifiers. They must understand how to notify and report child abuse.

All ongoing volunteers in education sites must keep their mandatory notification training current.  All volunteers do the same online fundamentals training.

This training is on a system called Plink. They need to create a Plink account to access the training.

Record keeping

Your organisation must:

  • record your volunteers RRHAN-EC training on a site-specific spreadsheet or database
  • keep a copy of the certificate.

The online course might not be the best option for some volunteers. You can contact us to find out about other delivery methods.

RRHAN-EC support and access to training

Technical support for online courses Contact your organisation’s ICT helpdesk.

Other RRHAN-EC enquiries 

Contact your organisation: 

Feedback business unit overide: 
RRHAN-EC Team - Engagement and Wellbeing
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