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Child safe environments

Children and young people have a right to be safe and protected at all times, including when accessing services in the community.

The Children’s Protection Act 1993 requires certain organisations to provide a child safe environment. The types of organisations include:

  • health
  • welfare
  • education
  • sporting
  • recreational
  • religious
  • spiritual
  • childcare
  • residential
  • cultural
  • entertainment
  • party.

These types of organisations must have in place a child safe policy, meet relevant history obligations and lodge a compliance statement.

On 22 October 2018, the second phase of the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 will commence. The new legislation will replace parts of the Children’s Protection Act 1993. The new legislation will replace some of the child safe environments obligations for organisations that provide services to children and young people in South Australia.  For more information visit our legislative changes webpage


Creating a child safe policy

Learn what’s required to create a child safe policy for your organisation.

Relevant history obligations

Check what relevant history obligations your organisation needs to meet. 

Lodging a compliance statement

See how to lodge your organisation's compliance statement.