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Child safe environments compliance

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We provide services to children and young people, and by law must provide and maintain child safe environments.

To make sure we are a child safe organisation, we have policies and procedures to guide departmental employees, volunteers and external service providers who work with children across our sites or with our services.

Policies and procedures by site or service type

Select your relevant site or service type below to find out what policies and procedures you must follow to meet child safe environments compliance.

By following these policies and procedures, your site and service are considered compliant. You do not need to lodge separate Child Safe Environment (CSE) statement with the Department of Human Services.

For primary schools or high schools

For preschools – including those that offer occasional care or rural care

For children’s centres with either occasional care, long daycare, childcare, or integrated services

For out of school hours care (OSHC) services run by a governing council

OSHC third party providers

If you’re an OSHC third party approved panel service provider, you must:

  • have your own CSE compliance statement lodged with DHS
  • follow all departmental CSE policies and procedures listed above when operating services on our sites.

For family day care and respite care programs

There are 5 additional family day care (FDC) specific policies and procedures that FDC and Respite Care Program providers need to follow. Go to children's health and safety in the FDC educator portal (login required) to find out more.

Corporate office – including Student Support Services

See the contact details on the policy if you have questions about a specific policy requirement.

Contact the Engagement and Wellbeing Team via email EducationKCS@sa.gov.au if you have any questions about the department’s child safe environments compliance.