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5 ways parents can improve their child’s last year

1 February 2021


Parents play a pivotal role in their child’s final year of school. Port Augusta Secondary School's SACE Coordinator Sandy Glamuzina says as well as being your child’s cheerleader, you should also set reasonable expectations. Here are her top tips to help your child achieve their best:


1. Establish a positive relationship with the school

Don’t be frightened to contact the school if you have a concern, and ask them to contact you if they have any issues. Working together is the best way to ensure your child will reach their full potential. Schools work hard to put things in place to support students and to help them reach their potential. Encourage your student to join any organised wellbeing activities and study sessions. They will make a huge difference. 

2. Expect some bumps in the road

Year 12 is a tricky journey and all students will have some issues along the way. Be there to listen when they need to vent and encourage them to keep going when things are not tracking well.

3. Listen to your child

You know your child best so you might notice concerning changes before others. If you do, contact the school and ask for support. You are not expected to solve every issue on your own. The school will have some supports they can suggest to help your child get back on track. Mental health is the most important factor that will impact on student performance, so be sure to help them maintain a positive mindset.

4. Help manage the things that you can control

As a parent you can’t control what will be in tests or what content will be covered in class, but you can help manage things such as screen time, nutrition, sleep patterns, work and sport commitments and wellbeing. Help them to maintain a balance between study commitments and down time.

5. Try and remove some pressure

Students tend to place a lot of pressure on themselves so it is important to encourage and support without adding to this pressure. No two students are the same so be mindful not to compare your child with other students or expect all students to be working towards the same goals.


Keep an eye out next week for our top tips on how year 12 students can thrive through the year.