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Aldinga Payinthi College reveals its new logo

6 April 2021

Connect, Inspire and Belong – the three interwoven pillars tying Aldinga Payinthi College’s newly revealed logo together.

A contemporary yet distinctive design, the logo presents a bright and locally inspired colour palette of blue, sandstone, orange, and grey.

The blue represents the coastal location of Aldinga, sandstone reflects the sand and stone spotted throughout the local environment, orange responds to the earthy tones of Kaurna land and artwork, and grey mimics the architectural detail of the building. 

The end result is a pictorial representation of the three pillars forming a continuous path connecting the school’s characteristics and ideology:

  • ‘A’ for Aldinga — For our Community: Aldinga and surrounding suburbs and communities.
  • ‘P’ for Payinthi —Connected to Kaurna: Connected to Kaurna, first nation land and people
  • ‘C’ for College — Inspiring Learning: World class education and learning facility.

South Australian branding agency Studio Band collaborated with the Principal, Alison Colbeck, and key stakeholders* to realise their vision and values and capture them in the logo design.

Alison says the site name was chosen to acknowledge their place within the Aldinga community, their aspirations as a B-12 College and to recognise our first nation’s people on whose traditional land the school is built, through the use of the Kaurna word Payinthi. 

"The Kaurna meaning of Payinthi (pronounced Bay-in-DEE) inspires us to look, seek, be curious, or think deeply about ideas." 

"The new logo visualises our beliefs of being integrative, universal and accessible, everyone can seek to learn, seek to connect, and seek to grow."

"Our school pillars of ConnectInspire and Belong shape our way of being and consider how we relate to each other and our environment, respond to the aspirations of our community, and design our learning."

"I cannot wait to welcome the community into our new school and see them proudly wearing this contemporary logo that delivers our vision and aspirations for the College."

Work is now underway on designing the uniform.

The school can accommodate up to 1,500 students, 100 inclusive places for students with a disability and a 75 place children's centre. It is anticipated the school will open with 600 students in the first year, with the expectation that it will grow to 1,675 students by 2026.

*Key stakeholders included students, principals, and staff in local primary and high schools, local community members, members of the local education office, a local Kaurna community member and new Aldinga Payinthi College staff.