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Here comes a new hero for children's dental health

two students with big smiles walking to school
4 August 2021

A new superhero has emerged to encourage South Australian families to keep up regular dental check-ups.

Max Molar the Plaque Patroller has been introduced to schools to improve children’s oral health knowledge and behaviours, as part of a partnership between SA Dental and the Department for Education.

Introduced this week for Dental Health Week, Max Molar is a colourful character with a jet pack fuelled by toothpaste, equipped with a toothbrush to help children brush away plaque.

The new hero will target South Australian schools to increase uptake of public dental services in areas like Whyalla, Murray Bridge and in the South East.

The theme of this year’s dental health week is ‘keep your smile for life’, which starts from an early age.

SA Dental recommends all children from 18 months should have their teeth brushed morning and night with a low dose fluoride toothpaste. They can swap to any adult fluoride toothpaste from age 6.

As part of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule program, eligible families can access basic dental services for children aged 2-17 years from either an SA dental clinic or private dental provider.