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New starting point on the pathway to career success

16 September 2021

We’ve created a new website to help young people plot a pathway to a job in their chosen field.

The new Student Pathways website will make it easier for government and non-government students from Year 7 to 12 to discover Vocational Education and Training opportunities leading to careers they want, related to their interests, right here in South Australia.

The website features an interactive tool for students to see the study and career opportunities available through one of 26 Flexible Industry Pathways (FIPs).

FIPs have been created with industry and linked to identified job opportunities, so that students can pursue a pathway confident that jobs will be there for them if they do the work.

The website also contains a range of features that allow students to record their key achievements and experiences, supported by a tool that automatically generates an editable CV in preparation for entering the workforce.

The new website is a key tool in supporting students to complete the World of Work (WOW) Challenge, which encourages young people to engage in 100 hours of work exposure to help them decide their future career.

Students will use the website to identify opportunities and log their WOW-related career engagement activities and other relevant experience.

Visit the Student Pathways website for more information.