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SA's teens get down to B.E.E.sness

4 November 2021

A group of students from Mount Gambier High School and teaching team from Heathfield High School have won gold in the 2021 Teens in Business Awards.

Taking out the Intrapreneur of the Year Award with their Benefit Education Enterprise (B.E.E) were year 9's Harry, Jasmine, Montana and Shelby who heard about the competition in their Incubate class.

B.E.E was developed as a program to help schools elevate student agency and enhance teacher knowledge of entrepreneurial education and how they can adopt it into education practice.  

The schools Entrepreneurial Specialist Teacher Jess Magarey says the student’s project stood out as it looked at how they can implement entrepreneurial thinking into general learning areas. 

"As an entrepreneurial specialist school we're always finding ways to engage students in thinking innovatively. Our students gain a really high sense of self and who they are and what they can do."

"Along the way they learn resilience, make adjustments to their mind set, and strengthen essential practical skills such as organisation, planning, working in a team, and having to pivot when things went wrong. All of the skills they learn easily transfer into all of their subjects as well and other areas of their life now and after school." 

"It’s been really incredible to watch them grow their idea into a business that could influence education practice."   

Coming out on top as joint first place winners for 2021 Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year was the teaching team behind Heathfield High School's entrepreneurial pathway.  

April Lewis-Christie, Luke Northcote, Mary Mooney and Roy Page were recognised for their success in implementing and championing entrepreneurial learning throughout their site.

Luke says since becoming an Entrepreneurial Specialist School they've produced an incredible number of student business success stories including ‘Teens in Business’ award finalists Luke Humphrys and Angus Riessen. 

"We believe that our role is to help young people find their inner passion, their talents, to create a community of people who positively influence their world." 

"Our focus on entrepreneurial education provides students with the tools and thought processes to be innovative in everything they do from everyday tasks and learning to solving highly challenging problems." 

The full list of winners and finalists can be found at Winners of the 2021 teen's in business awards.

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