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School of Languages’ record-breaking year

6 October 2021

2021 has been a special year so far for the School of Languages; not only is the school celebrating its 35-year anniversary, but it’s also recorded an all-time-high number of enrolments. The School of Languages offers 23 languages to 2150 students, with Assistant Principal and Spanish teacher Maribel Coffey saying the school “opens up the world of all languages to all kids”.

With year 12 language exams just around the corner, the School of Languages recently hosted their annual Vacation School. Ninety-six year 12 students attended the one-day program, which gives intensive tuition and preparation for language exams.

The Vacation School program included workshops for seven different languages, and within each workshop teachers focussed on different aspects of the exam, from oral interaction to writing. Teachers outlined the exam expectations, tips and tricks, and preparation strategies for students to use; all designed so students are more confident when undertaking their exam.

Maribel said it’s been a fantastic year for the school, with all teachers “exceeding expectations” in developing their skills and readiness to teach online if necessary.

While the Vacation School is internally run and funded, through the Minister’s Languages Strategy this is the third year the School of Languages has received funding to offer 2 other holiday programs: Languages Alive and Let’s Talk. The Languages Alive primary holiday program sold out within 24 hours.

Learning a language develops essential skills such as a person’s understanding of other cultures and creates a broad range of career pathways in a global society.

Most South Australian government schools teach a language from reception to year 8, and language learning is optional from year 9 to 12. One of 11 Australian Curriculum languages is taught across most South Australian government schools, and there are 7 Aboriginal languages taught in 40 South Australian government schools.

There are also have 5 International Baccalaureate government high schools, 4 of which are new, where language is a compulsory part of the senior years.

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