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Students set to delve into data-focused pilot project

Loxton High School students standing together in a group.
2 August 2022

Loxton High School Year 11 students are at Lot Fourteen today to begin a semester-long business focused project being led by South Australian data specialist company Exposé.

The group of 26 students are the first from a public school to participate in the program, which is taking place in partnership with the Department for Education.

The program is designed to help promote STEM careers and help students to develop planning and problem-solving skills in hypothetical business scenarios. 

Students will work in teams, in near real work settings, engaging with their “fictitious” client, who will run through who they are, what the business does and what the problem is they would like solved.

The students will use their new skills throughout the rest of the course as they create their own start-up business using Artificial Intelligence to solve a problem. 

This program is linked to SACE and aligns with to the Stage 1 Business Innovation course. 

The Department for Education recently awarded local Adelaide based data analytics specialists Exposé a 10-year contract to deliver and support a modern, agile, cloud-based data capability that will assist in its push towards improving the state’s public education system. 

“Loxton High School is giving their students a chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in the tech industry,” said Scott Bayliss, Chief Information Officer, Department for Education 

“This is another step forward as we leverage innovative technological solutions in how we deliver public education.” 

Exposé co-founder and General Manager Kelly Drewett said they’re passionate about working with local secondary schools to drive more students to study and obtain careers in STEM, and for us to retain these skills in South Australia. 

“A career in STEM isn’t just coding or working in a tech-heavy role and through this project we’ll be showing students first-hand the various roles which make up this exciting and evolving industry,” said Ms Drewett. 

“We can’t wait to work with the students at Loxton High School to see what innovative solutions they create.”