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Students in the spotlight for Children’s Week

27 October 2021

Four South Australian public school students, including 2 from country schools, have been recognised in the 2021 Children’s Week Minister for Education Awards.

The awards recognise children who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in any endeavour including academic, community service, sport, arts and personal challenge.


Award recipients

Taya Dabrowski, Kapunda High School

Taya’s award is in recognition of her active and successful participation in all aspects of school life. Despite some personal challenges she has continued volunteering in school and in her community, including undertaking an early childhood traineeship.


Jordan Lewis, Cowell Area School

Jordan’s award recognises her leadership within the school community, as a Rural Youth Ambassador and as a participant in many community events. She has developed her passion in dramatic arts by regularly travelling to Adelaide and with the help of family, and runs a stall at the Farmer’s Market to cover the travel costs.


Honourable Mentions

Josh Cartledge, Glenunga International High School

Josh’s honourable mention is for his participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Social Enterprise activities and for his success as an inventor. He won first prize at the Royal Adelaide STEMSEL technology competition in 2019 and backed that up with winning the Asian Young Inventors Best Invention Award in November 2020.


Nicola Petrou, Glenunga International High School

Nicola’s honourable mention is for her dedication to music, in particular her leadership and diligent pursuit of musical excellence both within the range of school offerings and in state symphonic and chamber groups.

Children’s Week aims to bring world-wide attention to the need to understand, appreciate and care about children. 

More information is available on the Children’s Week website.