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Tired of the kids saying “I’m bored”?

11 January 2021

Have you found yourself halfway through the school holidays and running out of ways to keep the kids occupied? You might have done the big ticket items or just run out of ideas. If you’re in need of some school holiday fun with an educational flavour (and less beach sand in the car), we have some tips for you.

Check out our Pantry Project video series on Facebook. There is plenty of fun to be made with items found around the house or in the backyard – we’ve picked a few for you here:

Nature Creature

Make a new little mate with twigs, leaves and gumnuts from your backyard!


Shadow Puppets

Tell your own story with your own home-made characters!


Lolly shapes

Combining maths and lollies? What could be more delicious?


Water Xylophone

Feeling musical? Explore different sounds with this colourful water xylophone. You’ll need 7 glasses, water, food colouring and a spoon or stick.


Elephant Toothpaste

Mix a few household ingredients in an empty bottle to see what happens next!