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What does my child's report mean?

31 March 2021

It's nearing school holidays and you're wondering where the time has gone. If your school has provided a term 1 written report for your child, you may be trying to decode it!

All schools in South Australia provide parents and carers with 2 written reports each year that provide a snapshot of where their child sits on an A to E achievement scale in each subject, supported by a description of what this means in relation to their progress against the achievement standard.  

What do A to E grades mean?

A to E grades or word equivalents are used by teachers to report students’ achievement in Years 1 to 10 against the Australian Curriculum achievement standards. Some reports for Reception students use descriptive wording about students’ progress over the year referenced to the Reception level achievement standard. Some may use grades.

In relation to the achievement standard, your child …


is demonstrating excellent achievement of what is expected at this year level.


is demonstrating good achievement of what is expected at this year level.


is demonstrating satisfactory achievement of what is expected at this year level.


is demonstrating partial achievement of what is expected at this year level.


is demonstrating minimal achievement of what is expected at this year level.


What else can a report tell me?

A report can also provide information about:

  • your child's strengths and areas for development
  • their social development
  • strategies to assist their progress
  • involvement in school programs and activities
  • attitude and commitment to learning
  • attendance.

 Written reports are one of the ways schools communicate with you about how your child is progressing at school. Schools can also communicate your child's progress through parent-teacher interviews and ad-hoc meetings and discussions. These measures are all important to help you understand how your child is progressing in their learning.

Remember, you can always get in touch with your child's school if you have any questions about their report and to discuss your child's learning progress.

If you'd like to know more about the achievement standards for your child's learning area and year level you can read through the standards and when students are expected to achieve them, on the Australian Curriculum website: www.australiancurriculum.edu.au.