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Departmental policies

A number of the department’s policy documents, including policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and frameworks, are accessible via this page.

If you are unable to find a particular policy document using this search, please contact the Central Policy Unit.

Department staff searching for policy documents should use the Department for Education Intranet (login required)

  • This procedure complement the camps and excursions policy and should be read in partnership with that policy document.

  • This policy describes the scope of obligations that must be met to maintain child safe environments in Department for Education schools, early childhood education and care services, including through the provision of child protection curriculum.

  • This booklet is designed to assist people who come into contact with children and who are required by law to report concerns of child abuse and/or neglect (mandated notifiers) and organisations that are required by law to develop policies and procedures to establish and maintain child safe environments.

  • This policy aims to ensure that all children and students with disability who are attending a Department for Education site, program or service are provided access to an appropriate learning program.

  • The Department for Education welcomes and supports high quality educational research at department sites to inform practice and policy development.

  • This procedure applies when media and creative work of students, children and adults is distributed via publicly accessible websites, secure intranets, print or social media and promotional material or publications.

  • This policy articulates the Department for Education complaints management and resolution system, and specifies how customer complaints about the department's service provision in education, early childhood, care and family support settings will be managed.

  • This procedure articulates the steps that will be undertaken to manage and resolve complaints received by the department across its sites, and the local and central levels of complaints management.

  • The contract management procedure helps worksites to manage contracts effectively and efficiently following the contract execution process.

  • Preventing harm to children when they are in the care of community services organisations, or involved with their services and programs is part of a broader vision of optimising children's wellbeing and development. The overarching aim of this framework is to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive national approach to strengthening the capacity of organisations and systems to increase child safety. 



Operational Policy unit

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