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VET for school students

The state government has released a new VET for school students policy. This policy follows an extensive review into how vocational education and training (VET) is delivered to South Australian secondary school students. 

VET for school students policy 

The VET for school students policy sets out the government’s strategic direction and plans for reforming how vocational education and training (VET) is delivered. It builds on existing good practice across South Australia and sets out the state government’s framework for system-wide reform that improves completions of both VET qualifications and SACE, drives transitions to skilled careers and better meets the needs of industry for underpinning strong economic growth.

It focuses on 3 key pillars of reform. Each pillar includes a number of reform initiatives.

Clearly articulated pathways


  • Industry endorsed Flexible Industry Pathways for school students 
  • VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) as the gateway to Flexible Industry Pathways to assess students’ suitability for VET programs and identify any support required
  • New pathways in emerging industries such as cyber security
  • Enterprise and employability skills training mapped to SACE subjects
  • Maximum flexibility in apprenticeships and traineeships 
  • Simplified and streamlined funding arrangements.


Enhanced career education


  • Better marketing and promotion materials 
  • Single trusted source of high-quality career information and resources
  • New industry and employer immersion program accessed through an online portal
  • World of Work Challenge 
  • Streamlined processes for work experience and placement.


Improved student outcomes


  • VET for schools capability building program 
  • ePortfolio application
  • Online community 
  • Destination data measures and tracking mechanisms 
  • VET for School Students Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Communication updates and resources


The review of VET

Through a 6-week consultation period, the review sought community and stakeholder feedback to understand the challenges of delivering VET to school students and identify system wide improvements. Consultation feedback, together with insights gathered from the senior secondary schooling systems nationally and internationally has informed the development of the policy.

The feedback recognised the role VET plays in supporting many young people to achieve the SACE and start a vocational pathway, but it also noted that for many VET was merely a means to an end and it did not reflect good practice or represent excellence in high-quality education and training. The feedback highlighted the need to reposition VET within secondary education in order to raise its profile across the schooling system.

Further information about the consultation, including detailed findings and a full list of organisations who provided written submissions is available in the consultation outcomes report.

Student voice

To ensure the student voice was captured in consultation through the review, youth engagement organisation Year 13 were engaged to conduct a survey of young South Australians aged 15 to 21 years on how they view VET and how they choose their post-school education pathway. Their findings helped inform development of the policy.


Further education and pathways

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