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Health Education Interface (HEI) referrals for children with complex health care needs

Health Education Interface is not an acute mental health service.

For a mental health emergency, contact the mental health triage service.

  • telephone 131465
  • available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If someone's life is in danger or there is an immediate risk of harm, call emergency services on 000.

Criteria for support

The Health Education Interface (HEI) supports children with a disability and complex emotional health needs to participate in education.

The child or young person must:

  • be enrolled in a preschool or school at the time of referral
  • have a disability; and/or
  • have complex emotional health needs and behaviours of concern that put their social and emotional wellbeing at risk - this includes disengagement from education, being at risk of disengagement, or showing behaviours that put themselves or other at risk

HEI can also help where the interface between emotional development, behaviour, physical and mental health needs are unclear and further investigation is required.  

How to access HEI

Complete a WCHN Disability Services referral form is required. The referral is completed by the education or care service, parents and student support services team leader.  When completed, email the referral form to Health.WCHNDisabilityServices [at] sa.gov.au.

If you aren't sure if a child meets the criteria, contact a referral coordinator.

Phone: (08) 8159 9400
Email: Health.WCHNDisabilityServices [at] sa.gov.au.

What happens next?

HEI staff meet with education staff, parents or guardians, and the child or young person to discuss individual needs and plan the supports.

Support, programs and interventions may include:

  • a physical health screen by a medical consultant with a developmental focus
  • a mental health screen by a developmental disability mental health practitioner
  • development of an emotional health program, including recommendations for external  services 
  • staff training to support in implementing the plan 
  • ongoing support/coaching as appropriate. 

The HEI information for parents, caregivers and schools pamphlet provides further information on the program.

Disability advice and research

Phone: 8226 0515
Email: education.health [at] sa.gov.au