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How to apply to volunteer in schools, preschools or children's centres

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All volunteers must now do updates for RRHAN-EC training. You must do this if:

  • your certificate has no expiry date, or
  • you have no certificate.

Before you apply

To volunteer at one of our schools, preschools and children’s centres you need to contact the site you’re interested in helping.

Before you talk to someone at a site, think about what you love to do and how you can best help. You’ll be volunteering your time and skills, so try to make sure it’s something you’re  good at and would be happy to spend your free time doing.

The application process at each site can be different, but there are a few things that every new volunteer might do before they can start.

What to expect when you apply

If you decide to volunteer, you can expect an introduction that covers some basic things, like:

When you apply to a site to be a volunteer, you’ll be asked some questions and expected to share some information. Sites must use the department's volunteer application form (Word 169KB). This document is only for use by our site staff, but you can read it so you know what to expect.


To apply to volunteer, contact the children’s centre, preschool or school you want to volunteer with.

Phone: 8226 3795
Emaileducation.volunteers [at] sa.gov.au