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Teacher recruitment for 2022

The next recruitment round is opening for teaching positions starting in the 2022 school year. In this round, we are recruiting to a smaller number of positions across South Australia.

We are looking for primary and secondary teachers to work in country and metropolitan schools and in the APY Lands. 

We are recruiting to a range of specialist teaching areas in both primary in and secondary. There will also be opportunities for primary classroom teaching positions in the country. 

Whether you are a public school teacher looking for a career change, a graduate looking for your first job, a contractor seeking a permanent role, or you are new to the public education system, you can apply for a teaching position in a South Australian public school. 

If you are interested in working in public education, we encourage you to apply. All qualified teachers can apply for advertised teaching positions to work in South Australian public schools. 

Permanent and contract primary teachers are encouraged to apply for secondary teaching positions suited to their skill set and qualifications. Professional learning will be available to primary teachers who are successful in winning a role. 

Key dates for 2021

  • Monday 2 August – portal opens to build your profile
  • Monday 2 August – applications open on Edujobs
  • Monday 16 August – portal closes
  • Thursday 19 August – applications close. 

Schools will be making offers from the end of term 3 (Friday 24 September). 

How to apply 

The recruitment portal and applications on Edujobs will both open on 2 August. 

Applying for teaching positions involves 2-stages:

  • Stage 1: build your profile on our dedicated recruitment portal if you haven’t already done this. If you created a profile in the last recruitment round, you can use it to apply for positions in this round. 
  • Stage 2: apply on Edujobs when applications open. 

If you created your profile in the last recruitment round and want to review or make changes, contact teacherrecruitment2022 [at] harrisonmcmillan.com.au

You don’t have to complete your profile and application in one go. You can start both processes at the same time and save them as you go, but you will need to attach your profile to positions you apply for before submitting your application on Edujobs.  

Stage 1 – build your profile 

If you haven’t already done this, build your profile through our dedicated recruitment portal.

You’ll only need to complete this profile once. When you enter the recruitment portal to build your profile, you’ll need to:

  • answer 3 capability statement questions 
  • complete a video introduction 

On completion, you’ll be emailed a PDF version of your profile within 3 business days. You don’t have to wait to receive this to start your application on Edujobs. You can make a start and simply attach the profile at a later stage, before submitting your application. 

Make sure you complete your profile before it closes on 16 August as you’ll need to attach this to any position you apply for. 

Stage 2 – apply for positions  

Apply for teaching positions on Edujobs when applications open. 

Once you have selected a position and clicked ‘apply’, you will be asked to:

  • register your personal details, work history and qualifications 
  • complete a brief positioning statement detailing why you’re applying for the vacancy and have chosen that particular school.

You will also attach the profile you create in Stage 1 to each position that you apply for in Stage 2. 

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