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Updating sites and services information

Sites and Services update

Contact details for schools, preschools and other education and department sites are available on the find a school or service page or as an electronic extract. To ensure your sites contact information is accurate and up to date changes can be submitted using the forms below. 

Forms for schools, preschools or other  departmental sites

Updating site context statements

Site context statements fulfil an important role in sharing site information in a consistent form for current and prospective departmental staff and the community more generally. 

The Department for Education intranet (staff login required) explains how sites can update their context statement.

Website hosting

If you wish to have your website hosted elsewhere, or to have your e-mail address physically changed to a new one, contact:

ICT Service Desk

Phone: 8204 1866
Email (if non-urgent): ictsupport [at] sa.gov.au


Data Operations

Emaileducation.dma [at] sa.gov.au