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Local partnerships

Department for Education local partnerships is a collective of geographically defined preschool and school sites, and the communities they serve.

This collective is called the education and child development local partnership.

All government preschools and schools are part of the local partnership model. Working together they can achieve greater benefits for students and make better use of available resources.

Role of local partnerships

Local partnerships work to provide improved outcomes for children and young people by:

  • providing joint solutions to shared problems enabling young people to more easily overcome barriers to their learning and better achieve their potential
  • sharing expertise and resources within and across sites to build the skills and abilities of leaders and teachers
  • promoting the dissemination of good practice
  • greater links with local businesses, services, non-government organisations and local government agencies
  • enhancing professional development of leaders and staff
  • greater support for children and young people with a local partnership/community
  • using resources more efficiently.

This model builds on the work within the department towards the development of a self-improving school system.

Current local partnerships

Search for your school to find its associated local partnership. 

You can also download the list of schools and preschools by local partnership (PDF 450KB).