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Right Bite and healthy eating policies

The Right Bite policy (PDF 926KB) classifies food and drink into three categories according to their nutritional or 'healthy eating' value.

Applying the Right Bite policy

It is up to school and preschool communities and their governing councils to decide how to use the guidelines to encourage healthier eating beyond the banning of red category foods (PDF 50KB) in school canteens and vending machines.

The Right Bite policy (PDF 926KB) applies to all government sites where students are enrolled, and is supported by Catholic and independent school sectors.

The Right Bite policy applies to food provided for:

  • curriculum activities
  • sporting events
  • camps, excursions
  • homework centres
  • out of school hours care
  • student rewards or behaviour management programs.

Setting up a policy

The healthy eating guidelines (PDF 2.1MB) support the Australian government’s dietary guidelines and provide a framework for schools and preschools to develop their own healthy eating policy.

Policy templates:

Food and drink categories

The Right Bite food and drink spectrum (PDF 625KB) classifies food into 3 categories according to their nutritional value. The ready reckoner (PDF 439KB) is a guide to where foods fit within the Right Bite food and drink spectrum.

Foods might have more than one colour. This indicates that different brands or varieties may have different nutrient profiles.

Green foods

Green category foods and drinks are the healthiest choices. Schools and preschools are encouraged to provide as many choices as possible from this category.

Amber foods

Amber category foods and drinks are more processed with some added salt, sugar or fat. Schools and preschools are encouraged to select carefully from this category.

Red foods

Red category (PDF 50KB) foods and drinks are highly processed, energy dense and nutrient poor. These are banned from sale in government school canteens and vending machines at all times.

Banned foods

The nutrient criteria tables within the easy guide to healthy food and drink supply (PDF 926KB) can then be used to identify food items which should not be provided in schools.

Canteen managers and food service providers should examine the nutrition panel of all products carefully in order to determine their appropriate classification.

The following red category foods and drinks have been banned from sale in canteens and vending machines:

  • all beverages except those specified in the green and amber categories
  • drinks containing guarana or caffeine
  • confectionery.

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