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School and preschool improvement – building the momentum

A 10 year improvement aspiration

South Australia is building a world-class education system.

To get there within 10 years we need to raise the achievement of every child in every class, in every school.

Improvement is the driver of our ambition. It affirms the link between quality leadership, expert teaching, and student achievement and growth. Our approach to school and preschool improvement has been developed using evidence that is based on international best practice, and constructed with South Australian leaders.

School improvement is only one part of broader changes taking place in education in South Australia.

Together as one team, statewide, we will improve outcomes for children and young people.

School improvement model

In September 2018 we introduced the school improvement model that included these resources:

  • school improvement planning cycle handbook and template
  • improvement dashboard, including perspective survey
  • literacy and numeracy guidebooks
  • stages of improvement.

We have launched new improvement resources that give detailed advice on school improvement, while extending improvement into other priority areas. This includes supporting Aboriginal learner achievement and preschool improvement.

The new and updated 2019 resources include:

  • school improvement handbook 2.0
  • updated improvement dashboard data
  • Aboriginal learner achievement leaders’ resource and quality tools
  • preschool improvement handbook and template
  • preschool literacy and numeracy guidebooks.

School and preschool improvement planning cycle

The school and preschool improvement planning cycle is designed to help teachers and leaders continually improve their practice. This cycle is the framework that schools and preschools are using to plan and implement their improvements.

1 – Analyse and prioritise

Analyse evidence of students’ learning and answer the question 'What are our goals for improvement?'

2 – Determine challenge of practice

Relate goals to teachers’ practice and answer the question 'What areas of practice should we focus on improving?'

3 – Plan actions for improvement

Set clear improvement actions and success criteria, and answer the question 'What actions should we take to improve our practice and reach our goals?'

4 – Improve practice and monitor impact

Monitor the progress of actions as well as the impact on learning by answering the question, 'What evidence do we have that we are making progress towards our improvement goals?'

5 – Review and evaluate

Review the impact and effectiveness of actions for improvement and answer the question 'Have we achieved our improvement goals? What have we learned and what are the next steps?'

Aboriginal learner achievement leaders’ resource

To support our vision of each Aboriginal child achieving their highest potential, we have developed the Aboriginal learner achievement leaders’ resource and quality assurance tools. 

The resource will help school leaders to realise the long-term goal of Aboriginal students achieving parity of achievement and progress with non-Aboriginal students, in both literacy and numeracy. It is framed within the Aboriginal education strategy, 2019 to 2020.

To complement the school improvement planning cycle, we have developed these resources:

  • Aboriginal learner achievement leaders’ resource
  • Aboriginal learner achievement quality matrix
  • Aboriginal learner achievement action template.


School and preschool improvement

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