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A new approach to school improvement

We want to build the best education system in Australia – one that is truly world class.

To get there within 10 years we need to speed up the growth of every child, in every class, in every government school.

Many children are starting school at a disadvantage and don’t have the support they need to catch up. Others aren’t being challenged enough.

To address this, we’ve worked with both international experts and local school leaders. Together, we’ve built a new approach to school improvement, designed specifically for South Australia.

How we’ll do it – support tailored to each school’s needs

Our new approach to school improvement means more tailored support for each school. We’ll help each school create focussed school improvement plans with strategies to support children’s academic growth.

We’ve given every school a school improvement pack to support their planning for next year. These plans will be carried out throughout 2019.

Our new approach to school improvement includes:

School improvement planning cycle and resources

The school improvement planning cycle is designed to help teachers and leaders continually improve their practice. This cycle is the framework that schools will use to plan their improvements.

Stages of improvement

Research has shown that for South Australian schools to achieve sustained growth, different schools need different support. To this end, each school has been assigned a 'stage of improvement'. A stage of improvement is an indicator of a school’s academic performance and trajectory.

Stages of improvement have been developed as a tool to help leaders:

  • refine their school improvement planning
  • decide which strategies will make the biggest difference for students.

School improvement dashboard

The school improvement dashboard is a customised tool that provides information to school leaders and local education teams to inform school improvement planning.

The dashboard provides secure key data about each school’s student achievement and growth, student wellbeing, and organisational health.

Literacy and numeracy guidebooks

Literacy and numeracy guidebooks have been developed to give direction and support to schools while they plan improvements.

They provide leaders with a menu of evidence-informed literacy and numeracy practices, relevant to their school’s stage of improvement, which will improve student growth and achievement.

This is part of a bigger picture

Our new approach to school improvement is only one part of broader changes to education in South Australia.

Our children deserve Australia’s best education system. Together as one team, state-wide, we will improve outcomes for children and young people.


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