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Family day care educator leave application form

Fill out this form when you want to take leave from providing family day care.

FDC educators are able to take up to a maximum of 12 months’ continuous leave. After this time registration will be cancelled.

Types of leave

The types of leave include:

  • holiday
  • illness or medical
  • moving home
  • personal
  • other

Overseas travel

The Australian Government requires Family Day Care Services to collect information about all overseas travel FDC educators undertake. FDC schemes are required to document details of all overseas travel including last day of care, date and time departing and arriving in South Australia, and date returning from leave. When travelling overseas you are able to commence care from the day after you return to South Australia, unless otherwise notified.

The Australian Government may ask for additional evidence such as travel itinerary or airline tickets. You do not need to send these in to us.

Please keep these documents for your records for at least 7 years.

Business administration

The Australian Government, through the IT system, ceases Child Care Subsidy (CCS) enrolments where families do not use care for more than 14 weeks.

If you take more than 8 weeks leave, you will need to follow these steps before recommencing care and make sure:

  • you complete a new booking contract for each child to be received at the BCSC the week before care commences
  • your families contact the BCSC to complete a new CCS enrolment
  • the family confirms the enrolment in MyGov through their Centrelink account
  • the family accepts the Enrolment Confirmation (Complying Written Agreement) sent from the BCSC.

If you choose to change your booking contract with a family when you return from leave, the booking contract needs to be at the Business Centre the week prior to returning to care. Absences: If children are absent on the day(s) before you take leave, the family will not be eligible for CCS and will be required to pay you full fee.

Please record “no CCS applicable” on your timesheet.

Refer to the BCSC Update August 2018 for further information.

Ongoing registration

It is important for you, as a registered educator, to understand all responsibilities of your role.

Where you take more than 6 months’ leave, FDC scheme staff will work with you to complete an update, prior to returning to care. For leave less than 6 months, you may be asked to complete an update, as required.

Where you take leave and have an incomplete workplan and/or are the subject of a current investigation, your return from leave depend on completion of the workplan and/or investigation.

Family day care educator leave application form

Educator details
For example – jane.doe@gmail.com
For example – 0412 345 678
For example – (08) 8123 4567
Leave dates
Choose a start and end date, for example 1 August 2021.
Type of leave

Contact your coordinator to discuss approval for your new home.

A FDC medical form may be required before returning. Please speak with your coordinator.

For business purposes please remember to keep travel documents for at least 7 years.

Overseas travel
Choose date, for example 1 August 2021.
When are you leaving and returning to South Australia?

Acknowledge statement

Educator acknowledgement

Please read the following statements carefully.  To acknowledge you understand and agree please select the yes checkbox below.

  • I have advised all families enrolled with my FDC service of my leave dates with at least two weeks notice allowing them sufficient time to make alternative arrangements.
  • I understand I will not receive home visits or other support from FDC staff during my leave.
  • I understand I will continue to receive emails, newsletters, and general information during my leave.
  • I will contact a FDC coordinator prior to my return to discuss requirements of my registration.
  • I understand all registration requirements must be current and verified by FDC scheme staff before I return from leave.
  • I understand if I take more than 6 months continuous leave, I will be required to successfully complete an update with FDC scheme staff before commencing care.
  • I understand that current workplans or investigations may impact my return from leave.
  • I understand that in the event my leave is more than 12 months, my FDC registration will be cancelled.
  • I will not be operating my FDC service while I am on leave.
  • I understand that during leave I will remain registered as a FDC educator and am not able to provide private care for monetary or other benefits.

By submitting this form, I, the educator, declare all information to be true and correct on 1 August 2021.


Family Day Care Business and Customer Support Centre

Phone (metro): 8343 6533
Phone (country): 1300 551 890
Email: educationfdcbusiness@sa.gov.au

Central group of schemes main office

Phone: 8416 7400
Email: education.centralfdc@sa.gov.au

North group of schemes main office

Phone: 8207 9100
Email: education.northfdc@sa.gov.au

South group of schemes main office

Phone: 8207 3657
Email: education.southfdc@sa.gov.au