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About relevant history screening

To work with children and young people in SA government educational sites and services you must have a current relevant history screening.

Screening must be updated every 3 years.

Some volunteers also need a current relevant history screening.

Screening guide

The screening guide can help you quickly determine the type of screening required specific to your circumstances.

What is relevant history screening?

It is a screening process undertaken by the Department for Human Services (DHS) Screening unit that involves checking the person’s criminal history and any other relevant information that is lawfully available to the Screening unit.

It can include information from the police, courts, prosecuting authorities, child protection and professional registration bodies.

Examples of when screening is not required

Examples of when screening is not required to volunteer in a Department for Education site or service include: 

  • parents or guardians who volunteer in connection with an activity that involves their own child (such a volunteering within their child's own class)
  • one-off guest appearances such as presentations and concert performances that are supervised by screened staff – eg teachers
  • parents involved in one off events such as sports days, working bees and whole of school events including a swimming program which their child is attending
  • parents or guardians volunteering on a governing council that is not the employing authority of an out of school hours service (OSHC).

Examples of who must be screened

The screening guide can help you quickly determine the type of screening required specific to your circumstances.


  • All employees of a part-time, full-time or casual basis employed by the Department for Education.
  • Teachers are screened through the Teachers Registration Board of SA as part of the registration process. No further screening is required.


  • parents or guardians attending overnight camps or school sleepovers
  • hosting billet families
  • those in close contact with students with disabilities in special classes or schools
  • sports coaches who are not parents or guardians of a child in the team
  • parent volunteers, if their own child is not involved in the service or activity
  • Department for Child Protection volunteers.


  • tertiary students and supervisors
  • adult re-entry students who have been out of school for 6 months or more
  • student undertaking work experience in a preschool or child care centre.

Third party providers

A person engaged with Department for Education sites or services who:

  • works with or in proximity to children on a regular basis, or manage or supervise personnel undertaking those roles
  • has access to records relating to children and young people or manage or supervise personnel undertaking those roles
  • is an approved provider of out of school hours care (OSHC) services
  • is required to be screened under the terms of a contract or agreement.

Family based carers

  • foster, kinship, and ‘specific child only’ carers
  • other person guardians
  • international student homestay carers and adults residing in the home
  • family day care providers, assistants, and adults residing in the home
  • prospective adoptive parents.

Past forms of screening

Past forms of screening including National Police Certificates, Catholic Education Office Screening unit, interstate working with children clearances such as Queensland blue card are no longer accepted.

Apply for a relevant history screening to work or volunteer

Visit the apply for relevant history screening page for instructions on how to apply.


Department for Education general screening

Phone: 8226 0430
Fax: 8124 4631
Email: education.hrconfidential [at] sa.gov.au 

DHS screening unit

Phone: 1300 321 592
Email: DHSScreeningUnit [at] sa.gov.au