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Apply for a working with children check - working in education

You must have a working with children check (WWCC) before starting employment or professional experience placement in the Department for Education. Some volunteers will also require a working with children check. You need to apply for a working with children check yourself from the Department of Human Services (DHS) Screening Unit.

You are required to maintain a current WWCC that must be updated every 5 years. Current, valid child-related employment screening checks done by DHS/DCSI will be recognised as a WWCC until they expire.

See about a working with children check to find out what the check is and for more instruction on who needs to have the check.

Teacher applications

Teachers are required to have a working with children check when applying to renew their teacher registration through the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia.

Applicants, current employees and volunteers

Applicants seeking employment, current employees (including teachers), adult students or volunteers can apply for a working with children check through the DHS Screening Unit online application.


  • The current fee for WWCC is $113.30 (including GST).

  • Adult students enrolled in an education program will pay $62.15 (including GST).

  • Volunteers initiate their own check and it is free.

Volunteer WWCC can't be used by employees. Where a volunteer applies for work as an employee, they must contact the DHS Screening Unit and upgrade their WWCC.

Prospective employee

If you are a prospective employee or applying for an Authority to Teach or Work through the employable teacher register (ETR) or the employable ancillary register (EAR), you will need to apply personally for your WWCC through the DHS Screening Unit.


Prospective employees are required to pay for their own screening. The cost is $113.30 (including GST).

Professional experience placements in SA government schools, preschools and centres

If you are doing a professional experience placement you must have a working with children check before you start your placement. See professional experience placements in SA government schools, preschools and centres for more details.

Swimming and aquatics instructor applications

If you're a swimming and aquatics instructor, see child related employment screening for swimming and aquatics staff for application instructions and costs.

Processing times

The DHS screening website states that time for processing a working with children check can, in some cases, take more than 8 weeks, depending on the relevance, complexity and amount of information requiring assessment.

The department recommends that you apply for your WWCC renewal at least 3 to 6 months before your current check expires to make sure that your WWCC does not expire before you receive your renewed screening. If your current check expires before you have received your new check, you will be directed off site and will not be able to return to work until you have a new WWCC.


Department for Education general screening

Phone: 8226 0430
Fax: 8124 4631
Email: education.hrconfidential [at] sa.gov.au 

DHS screening unit

Phone: 1300 321 592
Email: DHSScreeningUnit [at] sa.gov.au