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Enrol your child in one of SA's great public preschools today!

A woman reads a book with a child
27 June 2021

If you want your child to learn through play, exploration and experimentation, then enrol them in one of our preschools!

We have the most consistently highest rated preschools in the country, and if your child turns 4 by May 2022, you can register to enrol your child in one of them today for next year. Plus, it’s not too late to enrol your child for this year if they turned 4 by May 2021.

The benefits for children in heading to preschool are boundless. They can develop independence, resilience, self-identity and responsibility for themselves and empathy for those around them.

Children gain a sense of belonging to a bigger community outside of their family, learning about respect, fairness and social etiquette.

In South Australian government preschools, we are passionate about play-based learning in the early years. Play-based activities are developmentally appropriate for young children and help set them up for a life of learning.

At preschool, children start to develop dispositions for learning that set them up for school and life such as curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm and persistence.

Check out our handy tool to find your nearest preschool and help your child fall in love with learning.