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Learning Together program to involve families in their child's learning

The Learning Together program helps families with children from birth to 4 years of age become more involved in their children's learning. Some locations offer specific activities for younger mothers and Aboriginal families.

You will help your child to learn and grow by:

  • playing with your child in a safe and friendly environment
  • helping your child build relationships and learn from others
  • discovering how your child learns.


The program helps families become more involved in their child's learning through a range of activities, such as:

  • playgroups
  • cooking groups
  • book making.

Who runs the program?

The program is run by qualified early childhood teachers. Families and staff work together to support children's learning and development.


Programs are free to attend.

Joining the program

To find out what activities are being offered in your area and if there are any places available, phone your local learning together manager at one of the locations below.

Families who are unable to attend the program because of their location or other additional needs may be eligible to participate in the Learning Together At Home program.

Locations and contact details

Learning Together programs are often based at schools. Programs are available at:

  • Christie Downs School, phone 8382 5950
  • Enfield School, phone 8343 6573
  • Newbery Park School, Millicent, phone 8733 2864
  • Fraser Park School, Murray Bridge, phone 8531 3090
  • Pt Augusta Children's Centre, phone 8642 6504
  • Airdale School, Port Pirie, phone 8632 2633
  • Northern Adelaide Senior College, phone 7285 1600.

Family Learning Team

Phone: 8226 4293
EmailEducation.FamilyLearning [at] sa.gov.au