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Entrepreneurial learning schools, support and strategy

Entrepreneurs apply knowledge creatively and resourcefully. This ability is recognised globally as critical to 21st century learning and citizenship.

New ways of thinking develop through everyday experiences in every classroom and learning area. Teachers and leaders can demonstrate how entrepreneurial learning is critical to building a school culture in which children and young people can confidently explore new ways of thinking in everything they do.

In our schools, these entrepreneurial skills can be learned, practiced and utilised every day, in every lesson, in every area of the education curriculum.

Entrepreneurial specialist schools

Five schools have been selected to provide specialist entrepreneurial education within the public system.

These 5 schools will be supported to develop resources across years 7 to 12, while their expert staff, dedicated facilities and high quality resources will be shared and used across the state. These specialist schools will also become destination schools for aspiring business and social entrepreneurs. 

For young people whose entrepreneurial mindset has a commercial or community ambition, these schools will also offer a specialised stream through which they can participate in a range of enterprise-focussed activities and experiences. 

The specialist schools will build partnerships with businesses, industries and communities locally, nationally and globally, and will be funded to support student start-up ventures.

Statewide support

Entrepreneurial learning will not be restricted to just the 5 specialist schools. 

There will also be secondary alliances that will access the expertise and curriculum resources of the specialist schools to support them to build their capacity to deliver entrepreneurial education. Professional learning, industry networks, business forums and other events and experiences led by the specialist schools will be open to participation by secondary alliance schools.

The high quality curriculum resources developed by the specialist schools will be shared and used across the state. Other support for all schools will come in the form of new SACE subjects and VET qualifications.

Enterprise projects are also available to all schools to encourage student innovation, including:

Entrepreneurial Learning strategy

The Entrepreneurial Learning strategy (PDF 2.1MB) aims to build within public education, a shared understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial, and develop the knowledge and skills needed to think and work critically and creatively.

It will provide the world-class teaching, facilities and experiences that young South Australians need to develop the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and attitudes that will create and contribute to the evolving global economy.

The strategy is built on a strong evidence base of local, national and global experience and best practice. Entrepreneurial learning will be driven by entrepreneurial teaching, to achieve high quality outcomes for children and young people in what will be a dynamic and fast-moving social and economic environment.

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