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Engagement in instrumental music lessons

Instrumental music lessons support school documented music curriculums, or music-focused arts curriculums. These lessons are provided by Instrumental Music (IM).

Music is part of the Australian Curriculum – Arts and SACE.

New student enrolments into an existing IM program

Semester 1

To request the enrolment of your child into an existing IM program at your school, please talk to your school and complete the required documentation and return it to your school.

For more information on how to access instrumental music lessons, contact your school.

Instrumental music lesson allocation preferences and priorities

Instrumental Music allocates instrumental music lessons in schools.

Lessons are allocated to support schools where:

  • instrumental music contributes to the school’s music curriculum
  • classroom music is highly valued
  • a pathway for student participation into ensembles exists
  • students are participating in hub or cluster programs, or school, state or regional ensembles
  • the school shows support for IM programs by providing:
    • an appropriate teaching space
    • internet access
    • other resources.

To support continuing students, a pathway will be developed from primary to secondary schools, where possible. 

Instrument selection

The selection of instruments available for students is determined collaboratively by the school and IM leadership. Schools will advise students about the requirements, process and selection criteria.

Music Programs

Phone: 8226 1883
Emaileducation.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au