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Kindergarten and preschool progress reports for parents

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Kindergarten or preschool staff continually observe children’s learnings, abilities and understandings. This information is then analysed and reported to parents.

How children are assessed

In kindergarten, children are assessed to:

  • establish their progress
  • identify the need for extra support
  • help educators plan for further learning and development
  • rate the effectiveness of learning opportunities, environments and experiences
  • inform parents about progress.

Parents can contribute to the assessment process by sharing their observations about learning that occurs in the home.

Progress reports for parents

Parents receive feedback on their child's progress through:

  • regular discussion with staff
  • an annual written report which describes the child's learning and development.

The written report is based on the Early Years Learning framework. Generally, it is given to the parents during a meeting at the kindergarten as part of the child's transition to school. A copy of the report is given to the child's school.

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