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Changing schools

The transfer process

The transfer process is when a student's previous school passes on information relevant to learning to the student's new school. Students must stay enrolled at their previous school until a transfer is received from their new school.

Starting the transfer process

Speak to your child's current school about transferring to a new school. The principal can help you through the process. They will make sure the new school receives reports and other information to help them make the best arrangements for your child.

Confidential transfer

The transfer process can be done confidentially to help parents and carers who are:

  • escaping an unsafe environment
  • reluctant to enrol their children in a new school if the previous school will know their child's whereabouts.

These transfers are a way to help parents keep their children in school. The process was designed in collaboration with:

  • Office for Women (Domestic Violence Services)
  • SA Police.

For more information talk to your school.

Interstate transfer

If you are moving from another state, be aware that year 7 is the final year of primary school in South Australian public schools (until 2022). Private and Catholic schools already have year 6 as the final year of primary school.

You should consider the timing of the move and if it can coincide with the change of term.

The new school can request consent from you to obtain your child's information from the previous school using the interstate student data transfer note. This system enables the new schools to support the educational placements of new students.

General enquiries

Phone: 8226 1000
Free call: 1800 088 158
Email: education.customers [at] sa.gov.au