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Why it’s good to go to school or preschool

Going to school and preschool helps children learn habits that are important for their future success.

Why it’s good to go to school every day

on track

more likely to stay on track and progress academically


take part in social and learning activities organised by the school


more likely to have stronger social and peer connections

life skills

learn positive life skills


safe in the care of staff with access to support and services when needed

full potential

reach their full potential and have a range of opportunities in life. 


Why it’s good to go to preschool often

Going to preschool helps children develop skills, which prepare them for school.

These include: 

  • positive routines and habits 
  • friendships and connections
  • communication, problem-solving and creative skills. 

What happens if your child misses a day of learning

Learning is a progressive activity. Each lesson builds on the next lesson.

What your child learns today will help them with what they learn tomorrow. 

Missing days or parts of days creates gaps. A child might miss out on important learning information or social activities and experiences. 

Each day away from school or preschool makes it harder for your child to keep up. 

Research shows that going to school or preschool every day, improves a child’s life and future. 

Missed days add up – preschool and school

If your child often misses preschool, it can lead to a pattern of missing school too. These patterns can be very hard to change.

Missing 1 day of school a fortnight adds up to missing 1 year of school, by the time a child reaches year 10.

A child can fall behind after missing 1 or 2 days of school. 

If they miss more days it’s even harder to keep up. 

Research shows that when children miss school often, it affects them later in life. It can mean a child: 

  • has poor physical and mental health
  • experiences poverty 
  • is more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system.

Engagement and Wellbeing — Attendance

Speak with someone at the school or preschool for more information.
Search for a school or preschool by name.
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