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ACCEPT education program for complex autism

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ACCEPT – Aligning Curriculum for Competency and Purposeful Transition - is a small-group educational program offering an intensive level of service for government students with diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder and a range of other complex behavioural needs. 

ACCEPT is an option for students whose complex needs can’t be met in mainstream classrooms from across the north, north-western and north-eastern metropolitan areas.

Placement in ACCEPT can start at any time during the school year. ACCEPT runs for 4 school terms and students remain enrolled at their regular school during the placement.

Eligibility for ACCEPT

To be placed at a Learning Centre and have a program developed for them, students must :

  • be enrolled in a government school
  • have no eligibility for disability (special) options
  • have autism verification
  • be in years 3 to 7
  • have a documented history of continued disengagement from learning 
  • have a current high level of additional resourcing
  • have a current Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) or Autism Plan and sensory overview
  • have access to their own transport to and from the service.

How a referral is made

When there are no more school-based support options available for the student, the school may recommend ACCEPT as an option to support their engagement with school and learning. 
Students’ home schools will make the referrals in consultation with parents or caregivers.

ACCEPT programs

Each student’s program is personalised based on their assessed educational and developmental needs. 

Students will be placed in a program with 6 other students. 

The ACCEPT staff to student ratio is 1.8 to 7. The ACCEPT coordinator supports the design and delivery of the learning program and oversees the ACCEPT teacher and a school services officer. 

Students, their families, schools and other services if needed take part in a case management model of support.

ACCEPT keeps in constant contact with students’ home schools. This helps the schools understand the successful strategies that promote growth in educational and developmental areas. 

Students attend ACCEPT during normal school hours. The program follows the normal school calendar.

ACCEPT is based at the Beafield Education Centre, in the Para Hills area.

It includes support for:                                                                                                                             

  • learning environments that are differentiated, predictable and provide low sensory stimulation
  • highly structured learning systems
  • literacy and numeracy
  • a socio-cultural approach to social and emotional wellbeing.

Learning and Behaviour

Phone: 8226 2557
Email: educationLBU [at] sa.gov.au