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Bushfire season preparation advice for families

Our schools and preschools are preparing for the 2021 to 2022 fire danger season. Find out what you can do to get ready and what your child’s school will do if there’s a bushfire risk.

Check if your child goes to a high bushfire risk school or preschool.

Emergency hotline

Families can phone the department’s emergency information hotline for school and preschool closures and more information.

Phone: 1800 000 279

A messaging facility is available that is monitored out of hours.

Bushfires and your child’s school

Prepare for a bushfire

Families should follow these steps to prepare for the fire danger season:

  • read the bushfires and your child’s school or preschool brochure (PDF 4.24MB)
  • talk to your children about what will happen if a bushfire occurs when they are at school or preschool
  • read all bushfire information given to you by your child’s school or preschool
  • make sure your emergency contact details are up-to-date and available to your school or preschool before the start of the fire danger season.

Your family also needs to understand the emergency management plan at your child’s school or preschool. Ask your child’s school or preschool for a copy of their plan.

Use the bushfire preparation checklist (PDF 485KB) to make sure you’re prepared. 

Communication with parents and caregivers

It’s important that you understand how your school or preschool will communicate closure information to you. They may contact you via phone, text message or through social media and smartphone applications.

Parents and caregivers should only take action in relation to official notifications from their school, preschool or the department’s official information sources (this includes the department’s Facebook page).

Bushfire survival plans and preparations at home

It’s important that your family has its own bushfire survival plan in place for days of catastrophic fire danger or in the event of a bushfire threat. Let your child’s school or preschool know if your plan will affect your child’s attendance

Make sure you and your family are prepared for the fire danger season by reviewing the CFS information about preparing yourself for bushfire.

School holidays

On forecast catastrophic fire days the department policy for school and preschool closures will still apply in the school holidays. See bushfire updates for a list of closures (if any), or call the emergency hotline on 1800 000 279.

Buses, taxis and excursions

On forecast catastrophic fire days these services will be cancelled in the affected fire ban district:

  • bus services
  • taxi services
  • any excursions that need bus travel.

See the list of high bushfire risk school and preschools to see if your child’s services will be affected.


For information about your school's fire evacuation plans and audit rating contact them directly. See find a school or preschool to get the contact details.

Emergency information hotline: 1800 000 279.

Information about current fires or fire danger ratings can found via:

Country Fire Service

CFS emergency hotline: 1800 362 361
Website: http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/countryfireservice
Twitter: @cfsalerts

For information about departmental processes contact:

Security and Emergency Management Unit

Phone: 1800 000 279
Email: education.SecurityandEmergency [at] sa.gov.au