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Student wellbeing leaders in schools

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Student wellbeing leaders are qualified teachers who broaden their professional knowledge and develop expertise about student wellbeing and mental health.

All teachers have a duty of care to every student under their supervision and must take reasonable care to protect students from a foreseeable risk of harm.

Student wellbeing leaders promote and safeguard student wellbeing to optimise learning. They work in partnership with:

  • students
  • parents and carers
  • educators
  • the wider community.

How student wellbeing leaders can help

Student wellbeing leaders do not offer therapeutic intervention or a professional counselling service but may assist with referrals to external services.

They can support students with:

  • advice and referral to therapeutic and other support services beyond the school
  • encouraging attendance, positive behaviour and learning at school
  • strategies to support positive relationships
  • providing assistance in critical situations to the site’s Emergency Response Team (ERT).

You can talk to the staff at your local school to find out what support is available.


Student wellbeing leaders must keep records of all conversations. They must keep information confidential. Sometimes they might ask for your consent to share information to  help resolve complex problems. They will only share information without your consent if they:

  • must do so by law
  • are concerned about someone's safety.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Email: education.wellbeing [at] sa.gov.au