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Targeted Learning Services for mental health and trauma

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Targeted Learning Services provide an early intervention consultative-liaison service to government schools and students. This means they work with schools to support students in school.

The services are for students with verified mental health problems and developmental trauma, generally attending school in the north, north-western and north-eastern metropolitan areas.

Targeted Learning Services also offer the day program: Access for Learning (AfL). 

Schools will receive direct help while students continue to attend and while they are placed in the AfL program. Students placed in AfL will participate in a targeted-intensive day program and attend 2 days a week and 3 days back at school. 

Eligibility for Access for Learning

To be placed in AfL and have a program developed for them, students must be:

  • enrolled in a government school
  • from reception to year 7.

To receive consultative-liaison support, students must:

  • be attending their home school 
  • have potential or verified mental health problems and developmental trauma
  • be showing signs of disengagement. 

How a referral is made

Referral to Targeted Learning Services and placement in AfL is an early intervention option for schools. Students’ home schools will make referrals in consultation with parents or caregivers.

Access for learning (AfL) program

Each student’s program is personalised based on assessed educational and developmental needs.

Students will be placed for 2 days a week in a class that’s based either on their developmental needs or by age group.

AfL keeps in constant contact with students’ home schools. This creates strong links between the program and schools. It helps schools understand the successful strategies that promote growth in key educational and developmental areas.

There are 2 staff per class, which is usually a teacher and a schools services officer (SSO).

Students attend AfL during normal school hours. AfL follows the normal school calendar.

Programs provide support for:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • social and emotional wellbeing.

Learning and Behaviour

Phone: 8226 2557
Email: educationLBU [at] sa.gov.au